Thursday, November 30, 2006

Miss Snark (?) Says No

I sent a 1 page query letter and the first ten pages of Fort Desperate to Janet Reid, sole proprietor of the Jet Reid Agency, two weeks ago. Many bloggers have speculated that Ms. Reid is actually the famed Miss Snark whose literary agent blog is so fascinating.

Many similarities between Ms. Reid and Miss Snark.

1. Both are sole operators.
2. Both write with a lively and clever style.
3. Both are relatively new in the business, with prior experience in the publishing industry.
4. Both would appear to be in their mid thirties.

If I had to bet the farm, one way or the other, my guess is they are one in the same.

Today I received my 1 page query letter back in the Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. On the bottom right corner of my letter, Ms. Reid hand wrote the following in pen:

Thank you for thinking of us, but I don't this this is a fit.


Polite, and not exactly a stiletto heel, but disappointing nonetheless.


Kell said...

Keep trying - I'm sure you'll come up with "a fit."

Anonymous said...

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