Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guess What ? You're Going to the Republican National Convention !

Regular readers of this blog who read my article in last month's Christian Faith and Reason Magazine critical of Mike Huckabee may have noticed the note at the bottom of the article where I disclaimed that I was a candidate for delegate to the Republican National Convention supporting Mitt Romney.

Fast forward to February 5.

I wait with anticipation the results of the primary here in Tennessee, hoping Mitt would win the state, and I would go to the convention.

It was not to be.

Mike Huckabee won the state, with 34%, followed by John McCain at 32%, and in third my friend Mitt, with only 24%. A few days later, Mitt withdrew from the race.

As a statewide candidate, I assumed that Huckabee's delegates were headed to the convention, and I would be at home, watching the action on the television, eating popcorn, and singing a sad song of what might have been.

I still may be singing the sad song of what might have been, but it will be in the Convention Center at St. Paul, Minnesota on September 1, not here in Tennesse.

I received a voice message from an earnest young McCain staffer this past Friday.

"Mr. Leahy, I'm sure you know we're calling from the McCain campaign. We would like your vote at the convention."

They must be mistaken I thought.

I called back and told them so.

"No, Mr. Leahy, we have it right here in black and white. You're going to the convention. In fact, the unoffical results show that you got the most votes in the state of Tennessee of all the Romney delegates on the ballot. You and one other Romney delegate are headed to Minnesota."

A letter from the State Republican Party the next day confirmed the fact.

So now, I need your advice.

How should I vote ?

Should I vote for McCain, as Mitt Romney has asked me to, and the McCain folks want me to, or should I hold out for that conservative alternative who apparently does not exist in 2008 ?

See you in St. Paul !

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hawks4ronpaul said...

Hello. I considered Romney better than McCain but decided to vote Ron Paul because Ron Paul is the most conservative and the strongest on US national security.

There is a lot of media and voter confusion about foreign policy so here is a summary followed by some links to articles on Giuliani/McCain/Romney/Paul foreign policy comparisons and Christian foreign policy:

Ron Paul’s strong foreign policy:

*Keep an unbeatable military.

*Uphold the Constitution and US sovereignty: Declare the war, fight it, win it, and come home.

*Fight terrorists with intelligence and special units to stop overstretching our troops and to keep our conventional forces free and ready for major conventional threats.

*Secure our borders and enforce our visa laws to stop terrorists.
Maintain financial security through sound money, fiscal conservatism, and non-intervention (the smart way to be globally active)—You can’t win a war when you’re bankrupt.

GOP candidate comparison on foreign policy:

Christian foreign policy:

Thank you for taking the time to think about it.