Friday, September 04, 2009

The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition Launches Grassroots Leadership Training at Conservative Radical University

The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition today announced the launch of a nationwide program for grassroots leadership training instruction at Conservative Radical University. The first classes will be held on September 12, 2009 in conjunction with events planned that day in Quincy, Illinois, Bremerton, Washington, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Orlando, Florida. Subsequent classes will be held in Memphis, Los Angeles, and Tyler, Texas. Over the next year,we anticipate offering local classes in every state of the country.

Students can sign up for classes online at either www.conservativeradicaluniversity or Common Sense Citizens is the online portal used by all conservatives to connect with each other quickly and to share information about projects and events. Most leadership training will be delivered in local classes, but some will be available for delivery online.

Along with other members of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition leadership team, I will be one of the class instructors. Conservative Radical University will also certify additional instructors who are experienced tea party organizers and are familiar with the curriculum, which will be based on Rules for Conservative Radicals, mynewly released book, the Constitution, and other books on leadership and conservative principles.

Courses will be offered in:

Assessment of Personal Skills and Time Planning

Overview of Rules for Conservative Radicals

How to be an Effective Project Colleague

How to be an Effective Servant-Leader

How to Organize and Lead a “Buy-cott”

How to Organize and Lead a Local Event and Generate Local Voter Enthusiasm and Turnout

How to Create a Sustainable Conservative Organization

The idea behind Conservative Radical University is to train local leaders about how to achieve locally the kind of success that we’ve seen nationally at tea parties, buy-cotts, and the Hall Pass on That program. People ask me all the time, what can I do? Here’s the answer—get trained now on local grassroots leadership.

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joanne said...

I think Mike Leahy is subversive and destructive and unpatriotic.
To advise schools and classes to boycott watching the President of our country is so wrong. He is just encouraging kids to do well in school, that education is directly related to their success as an adult. It seems that Mike may have another agenda up his sleeve. Where was he when the other Presidents spoke to school children? Children are citizens of this country and if their parents sheild them from hearing the President speak, they have true control issues. He should be thankful we live in America where HIS voice is not muffled, no matter how pathetically unAmerican he is.