Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Day After, Newt Gingrich Gets the Facts About NY-23 Wrong Again

It's getting to be a pattern with Newt Gingrich.

He can't get the facts right. Yet he insists upon repeating his errors again and again, perhaps thinking that mere repetition will make it true.

The day after Democrat Bill Owens beat Conservative Doug Hoffman in the NY 23 Special Congressional Election, thanks largely to the treachery of Dede Scozzafava, the very liberal RINO Newt Gingrich endorsed, the former Speaker once again falsely characterizes the nomination process that gave Scozzafava the nod:

"I certainly heard from enough friends to know that my decision to support the unanimous vote of the 11 New York county chairs was very unpopular with conservative activists."

As I've documented in several articles, both here and here, this is a factually untrue statement.

Of the 11 county chairs who participated in the selection process that resulted in the Scozzafava fiasco, only 4 supported Scozzafava on the first ballot, and only 9 of the 11 ended up "voting" for her.

Fulton County Chairman Susan McNeil pointedly refused to ever sign a document supporting Scozzafava's nomination.

And though Franklin County Chairman Jim Ellis signed a documenting supporting the nominee ultimately selected by the other chairmen in the tainted process, he did not endorse Scozzafava.

You can read the rest of the former Speaker's statement on his web site here.


Tim said...

I agree that Newt's got it wrong again. One quote in particular stood out to me: "But everyone on our side has to be troubled that a Republican seat went to a Democrat and Speaker Pelosi is one vote stronger because of our division."

I would argue that with the current national climate it actually does that district a lot of good to have a Dem. who is honest about their beliefs, than a RINO that will confuse people and lull them into a false sense of security. I would've voted for Hoffman, if I lived in NY-23, because he was the best of all the options. Hopefully he will run again and win next time!

Bob Belvedere said...

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Anonymous said...

I've been avoiding both the Rush and Hannity radio shows for some time, now. (Relief.) But yesterday I did catch a portion of Sean and Newt's lovers quarrel in their make up afternoon session. I'd previously known Michael Savage's assessment of Newt from the book Political Zoo. But I'd held out till now a sliver of hope that Newt wasn't really all that bad.

Yesterday, Newt reminded us of the August March on D.C. Tea Party, when the REAL organizers were pushed around by the RNC & GOP money men who tried to steal the show, making it a "Republican" event contrary to the reality of the grass roots Independents and Conservatives.

I am too disgusted with the Republican Party to say anything nice about it today. Its 'movers and shakers' PLAY the right hand of the same corrupt scamming body that the left hand manipulates. Republicans have been smearing "conservatism" for decades, arming the Democrats with ammo to demonize those who really want fiscal conservatism and our Constitutional Rights upheld for US Citizens. Whatever conservative support Newt's "Contract With America" was meant to buy was a fraud in Washington D.C., because the GOP country club clique ruined every sincere effort that the newly elected conservative representatives attempted to carry out that contractual promise. Just like in NY23 this time around, Newt's a fraud, always has been, always will be. Never again will I say or do anything to help Gingrich.

As per "big tent", it has become a serious hazard to our Constitution, health and existence given its fraudulent construction way off base from the founding party platform, liberally compounded by the intolerance that RINOs have for conservatism.

maverick muse

Anonymous said...

Newt believes in government. It is all he knows. What America needs to understand is that government does not work, even when run by republicans hacks like Newt and dubya. If we cannot find some way to severely limit government, we are doomed.