Monday, June 04, 2007

Letter to an Atheist Leads the Sam Harris Responses on Amazon !

Rising very early Monday morning to do some real business, I check on the book sales at Amazon.

For the first time, Letter to an Atheist is in the lead of the Sam Harris responses books ! Granted, it's not by much, and is likely to change again, but for now, it's one small victory to enjoy !

Sam Harris: #121
Michael Patrick Leahy: # 21,163
Douglas Wilson: # 22,375
Joel McDurmon: # 33,531
RC Metcalf: # 36,843

The good news is that all four of the Sam Harris responses seem to be gathering steam !

Take a snapshot of book sales in another 4 hours, however, and you could see Letter to an Atheist on its way down to 100,000.

My goal is to get it past the 1,000 mark . If you haven't purchased the book yet, you could certainly help me get there by purchasing it on Amazon now ! Or, you can purchase it direct from the Letter to an Atheist website.

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Anonymous said...

New polls show Sam Harris was right about Christian American's belief in a young earth, and Michael Leahy is wrong. Looks like Leahy owes Harris an apology: