Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On the Laura Ingraham Radio Show at 11:30 AM Today

Los Angeles based conservative talk radio host Tammy Bruce will be guest hosting the Laura Ingraham Radio Show today.

I will be on the Laura Ingraham Radio Show at 11:30 AM today to talk Tea Parties with guest host Tammy Bruce.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Liberal Pranks Continue - Someone Keeps Submitting Name of Digg.com Founder Kevin Rose to Top Conservatives on Twitter List

Somewhere out there in the Twitterverse resides a liberal with an odd sense of humor.

Periodically the Twitter ID of Kevin Rose, the very liberal founder of Digg.com is submitted for inclusion to our list of Top Conservatives on Twitter. Since Mr. Rose has 250,000 followers, this puts him at the top of our list, which many of the conservative members of our list (now with over 3,600 members) find more than a bit curious.

We, of course, remove the Twitter ID of Mr. Rose from the list, on the assumption that he has not converted to the conservative cause.

Our assumption is that he is not the one submitting his Twitter ID to be added.

Here's my tweet to him this morning on the topic:

@KevinRose Someone claiming to be you keeps adding your id to our list http://www.topconservatives... Are you aware ? #tcot

We'll let you know what kind of response we receive !

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Why Do Smart People Pick Fights That Don't Help Them ?

In the category of:

What were they thinking ?

Why did President Obama insult and humiliate British Prime Minister Brown this week? The United Kingdom is our strongest ally, and Brown is a socialist like Obama. You would think they would be friends and that Obama would do everything he could to raise the stature of his ideological and international ally.

Can you say "hubris" ?

And then comes Michael Steele.

Just wondering why he thought picking a fight with Rush Limbaugh made any sense at all. There are lots of people to pick fights with, but the leading conservative talk show host who just gave a stirring defense of conservativism at the CPAC Conference ?

Can you say "why" ?