Monday, March 09, 2009

Liberal Pranks Continue - Someone Keeps Submitting Name of Founder Kevin Rose to Top Conservatives on Twitter List

Somewhere out there in the Twitterverse resides a liberal with an odd sense of humor.

Periodically the Twitter ID of Kevin Rose, the very liberal founder of is submitted for inclusion to our list of Top Conservatives on Twitter. Since Mr. Rose has 250,000 followers, this puts him at the top of our list, which many of the conservative members of our list (now with over 3,600 members) find more than a bit curious.

We, of course, remove the Twitter ID of Mr. Rose from the list, on the assumption that he has not converted to the conservative cause.

Our assumption is that he is not the one submitting his Twitter ID to be added.

Here's my tweet to him this morning on the topic:

@KevinRose Someone claiming to be you keeps adding your id to our list http://www.topconservatives... Are you aware ? #tcot

We'll let you know what kind of response we receive !


Kay Day said...

Now that's pretty funny. Maybe Rose had an epiphany? :>)

Interesting post--KayDay

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the good natured humor that I would enjoy doing, is there any liberal lists I could do the same to?

Anonymous said...

Has Conservative Republicanism become a cult? Has Rush Limbaugh become the ‘Jim Jones’ of the movement? This may seem flip until you compare the two. Far right republicanism and the Jonestown cult, or Waco, or the Taliban have more in common nowadays than first meets the eye.

Typically cult followers and their leaders would rather die as martyrs than give up their belief system. Cults usually claim alignment with an established religion (Christianity, Islam, etc) to bolster their sense of righteousness. No one can deny the recent embrace of evangelicals by the Republican far right. A willingness to die for your beliefs, and take others with you, if need be, (martyr hood) is the sign of the ‘true believer’.

Republican party leader Rush Limbaugh recently said that” he hopes the new president fails”. Obviously this means that the whole country should fail. He is saying that he, and his followers, can accept success only under their terms. Failure being the psychological equivalent of a ‘death wish’. Martyrhood (death) being preferable to national success (life) by any other means.

So, if you follow along with the above theory, tuning Rush Limbaugh in each day may be equivalent to sipping the arsenic laced Koolaid to it's logical conclusion. Jonestown, and Waco, as we know, ended in tragedy.

It may be time for Republican America to rethink its place in the national political system?.......................

Anonymous said...

Anon, no doubt why you posted your comment as anon and were too embarassed to associate your name with it.

Twitter approach is classis Sal Alinksy liberal approach. They don't want to win on ideas, they want to win by tactics...probably because they could not win on ideas.