Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A busy game plan for July

Here's the game plan for July. It's all very exciting but, as they say, "A lot to say grace over" !

Look for a second edition of Letter to an Atheist to be published August 1 by Harpeth River Press. This second edition will add new chapters on the rise of Militant Atheism, overviews and critiques of the arguments of well known atheists Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens, and a very important and quite possibly controversial chapter titled "How Christian Anti-Intellectualism is Helping Militant Atheism to Grow".

Those of you have purchased the first edition will be able to obtain copies of the second edition at half the retail price, so stay tuned !

Also look for 25,000 copies of the August edition of Christian Faith and Reason magazine to be available at bookstores, coffee shops, and grocery stores throughout the Nashville, Tennessee market during the first week of August. For those of you living outside of Nashville, a national edition of Christian Faith and Reason magazine should be available in most markets by October 1.

And finally, though there is no specific plan for a publication date yet, the third draft of Fort Desperate, my novel of the Civil War set in Louisiana, should be finished by September 1. A recent visit to Fort Desperate itself in the Louisiana State Historical Site at Port Hudson helped provide some needed inspiration to move that project along !

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