Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Al Gore is the only happy Democrat in America today

Al Gore is the only happy Democrat in America today.

The man whose purpose in life has been to fulfill his father's ambitions for him and become President of the United States, the man who blew the 2000 election, the man who won the popular vote in the 2000 election, the man who has created a lucrative career based on scientific falsehoods, is about to get a second shot at the golden ring.


Despite polls that have, until recently, declared this to be a Democratic Presidential year, Senator Obama and Senator Clinton have both proven completely incapable of winning the general election.

Senator Clinton lives with the highest negatives of any major figure in American political history. Half of all voters will never ever vote for her.

And Barack Obama has just embraced the anvil of Black Liberation Theology, a political philosophy of separatism masquerading as religion, that most white voters find insulting and unfair. Should he choose to abandon his anvil, he'll lose any credibility he may have with his

Neither Clinton nor Obama can now beat John McCain in the general election.

The Democratic leadership, as well as the rank and file, may come to this realization during what looks to be a real barn burner during their convention in Denver this summer.

To whom will they turn, if both Clinton and Obama are too damaged to continue ?

Al Gore will be there, waiting and ready to accept the nomination. His chances of winning couldn't be any worse than either Clinton or Obama. That is, until he starts articulating his positions. Then, he's likely to perform as poorly in the general election as the erstwhile pretenders Clinton and Obama.

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