Monday, August 25, 2008

The Myth of Barack Obama's Early Life

It's finally done.

You can read Chapter One of my new book What Does Barack Obama Believe? in the August 25 edition of Christian Faith and Reason Magazine.

In the article titled "The Myth of Barack Obama's Early Life" I demonstrate that Barack Obama has been perpetuating a myth about his early life since the publication of his memoirs, Dreams from My Father.

The myth is his statement that his father, Barack Obama Senior, left his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, in 1963 when he was two years old, leaving Hawaii to attend Harvard. The truth is that his mother left his father in March, 1962, moving thousands of miles from Honolulu, Hawaii to an apartment in Seattle, Washington, where she registered as a full time student at the University of Washington for the spring quarter of 1962. Friends remember seeing her and her young baby at their apartment in Seattle during this period. She did not return to Honolulu until at least September, 1962, well after Barack Obama Senior had left Hawaii.

With the acceptance and perpetuation of this myth about his early life, Barack Obama began a life time behavioral pattern of creating fictional worlds to deal with his own personal problems. His subsequent creation of a "nightmare vision" of America is simply a natural extension of this pattern.

Look for What Does Barack Obama Believe? to be published by Harpeth River Press in early September, 2008.

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