Friday, January 09, 2009

Statement of Principles for #TCOT, Conservative "NetRoots" Organization

The 4 C's of the #TCOT Community (Top Conservatives on Twitter) are:

1. Conservatism
2. Collaboration
3. Constructive Dialogue
4. Community

Here's what we mean by each of these 4 C's:

1. Conservatism -- We believe in the return to the concept of limited government in the United States. We support (1) limited government (2) free markets (3) individual liberty (4) a strong national defense. *

2. Collaboration -- We believe that advances in technology allow for incredible opportunities for collaboration between like minded groups. We seek and respond to opportunities to collaborate with any conservative group or organization. Within #TCOT, we support collaborative efforts through the use of self organizing work groups based on the principles of Project Servant-Leadership. We believe that once hearts and minds are committed to a cause, time and treasure will follow.

3. Constructive Dialogue -- We believe in the power of ideas, and that coordial and direct dialogue, in which good manners complement good logic, will yield the best answers to problems. Constructive dialogue means we refrain from the use of profanity and personal attacks as best we can, and that we seek to understand the other side of a discussion first, and then seek to clearly communicate our side.

4. Community -- We believe that it is important to build the conservative community on Twitter, the internet, and within the populace of the United States of America. Community is built by engaging, including, and setting forth a positive vision of the future. We encourage positive action to solve problems, rather than negative criticisms that point out problems but offer no solutions.

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