Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nationwide Tea Party Leaders Accept Invitation To Meet With President Obama


Michael Patrick Leahy
(615) 243-6869

Kellen E. Giuda
(786) 525-6984
James Dickey

New York, New York – April 29th, 2009 - The National Leadership Team
of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition
( today accepted
President Obama's invitation "to have a serious conversation about
how we are going to cut our health care costs down over the long
term, how we are going to stabilize Social Security.”

The invitation was extended by the President at a Town Hall Meeting
held in Arnold, Missouri today
(as reported at Politico).
Michael Patrick Leahy, a member of the National Leadership Team of
the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, said " We want to broaden the
scope to address the President's runaway march to socialist-statism,
and the rampant across the board irresponsible spending he is
promoting with his $787 Billion Stimulus Plan and his $1 Trillion
Annual Deficit, his takeover of General Motors, Chrysler and the
Banks "

Kellen Giuda, organizer of the New York City C Tea party attended by
12,000 and of Parcbench ( said, “I think a
constructive dialogue with the President would be a great
opportunity for him to acknowledge that, yes, many Americans have a
problem with the way Washington is handling our taxpayer dollars and
also that we are concerned about health care and social security
reform. I am happy he is open to a discussion. The Tea Parties are
protesting against fiscal irresponsibility and any dialogue we can
have will hopefully bring a better public understanding of our
country's finances. Health care and social security reform is a
large concern to us."

The National Leadership Team of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition
includes 25 of the more than 900 local organizers of the April 15,
2009 Tax Day Tea Parties held across the country, which were
attended by more than 1 million Americans. Members of the National
Leadership Team includes Judson Phillips, organizer of the Nashville
Tea Party attended by 10,000, James Dickey, organizer of the Dallas
Tea Party, attended by 5,000, and JoAnn Abbot, organizer of the
Washington, DC Tea Party attended by more than 3,000.
The full list of the 25 members of the National Leadership Team of
the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition can be found at
The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition web site


tsiya said...

You will be greeted with smiles, allowed to make your little speech, assured that they understand, and they will have a good laugh, just as soon as you're gone!
You are hopelessly naieve! Don't tell them that you are speaking for me!

Anonymous said...

Health Care - Remove it from the control of our employers, but do not hand it over to our government. Health Care savings plan and the right to shop insurances for catastrophic illness w/o pre-existing condition limit. Tax credit for low income families to purchase their own plan.

Energy - stop using "climate change" as an excuse to micro-manage our lives and cripple the economy. The current "science" has been politicized to promote socialist agenda.

Allow industries that can't compete to fail. And, get the government out of picking winners and losers.

Social Security - increase age to claim and reduce benefit by income.

Disband the Federal Reserve and pass a Fair Tax (retail level only not a VAT tax).

But, seeing as he is a socialist-marxist, he will not listen to anything anyway.

Anonymous said...

Since no such invitation was extended, I'm at a loss to comprehend what "invitation" you think you're "accepting."

Nice try, though.