Sunday, August 09, 2009

Town Hall Protests are a Nationwide Self-Organizing Project of Average Americans

No surprise that the leaders of the Democratic Congress, whose last original thought came as they leafed through their well worn copies of the works of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin in those halcyon college days when they loved protests, are reduced to claiming that the effusive town hall protests of late are "manufactured."

It's embarassing to watch these disconnected, intellectually dishonest sound bites who now hold the levers of power try to concoct some fantasy about the nature of the opposition to the Health Care Takeover they've been trying to ram down America the past few weeks.

Every local town hall protest is comprised of a loosely knit group of American citizens who don't want a pointy headed bureaucrat in Washington telling them what they can and cannot do in managing their own health care.

That's it.

No big conspiracy.

And yes, protesters organizing in one city actually communicate with protesters organizing in other cities.

Call out the Brown Shirts !

Oh, wait, that's the other non-original thought the Washington based leadership of the Democratic Congress and White House have already acted on. Only now they're wearing the Purple Shirts of the Service Employees International Union, and beating up black conservatives in St. Louis.

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Unknown said...

he/we won the election; get over it