Sunday, June 17, 2012

Did Breitbart Investigation Play Any Role in Sudden Resignation of UVA President?

Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence. Sometimes it's more than that.

Based on all available current evidence, it appears that Teresa A. Sullivan's sudden resignation as President of the University of Virginia this past Sunday was most likely unrelated to an ongoing Breitbart News investigation into twenty-two-year-old allegations of scientific misconduct. However, since none of the key players in this drama--neither the sixteen members of the Board of Visitors who asked for her resignation, nor President Sullivan--have been willing to offer much in the way of explanation, rumors and speculation as to the true reasons for her sudden dismissal have been rampant.

Here's a chronology that documents the curious coincidence of timing:

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I believe you should make the Texas and NSF reports available as these are after all YOUR data sets.