Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Christian World View Wikipedia ?

Anyone interested in starting a Christian World View Wikipedia ? One of Wikipedia's co-founders just started Citizendium -- basically Wikipedia with editing. Citizendium as a Wikipedia knock off with editing might provide an interesting model for such a project.

I note that the domain name is available so far ! would require editor control to keep vandals out. My thinking is you could start the project with a dozen editors. Just take then content from Wikipedia and start cleaning it up.

Articles would be Non-Certified prior to editing and Christianpedia-Certified after editing.

Think of the possibilities if every school kid or or teacher at a Classical Christian School could make contributions to this Christianpedia, which would post subsequent to editorial review. Now there's a Christian Army !

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Anonymous said...

If we Christians would only follow our Lord instead of right wing politicians and truly live in light of His teaching and guidance, we wouldn't need this Christian World View Wikipedia.

Instead of hating Obama's leadership, christians should be loving him and supporting as much of his policies as they possibly can -- then, if they don't like the results vote for someone else.

I'm sick of the Christian right trying to "re-train" people's thinking. That's what God does...and seems they are trying to play God!! Scary stuff.

Am curious if you are part of "The Family"?? So much of the Tea Party seems right out of that book.

Have been a born again Christian since 1967 and am NOT a an Independent who doesn't follow the pack...instead I follow MY one and only Shepherd, Jesus!