Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christine Schaub reviews "Amazing Grace"

Here's novelist Christine Schaub's review of Amazing Grace, the movie:

The movie does a good job explaining that the commerce of slave trading was not a moral issue to the majority of Britons. The filmmakers’ greatest error is having the movie’s central figure—William Wilberforce—introduce his impromptu singing of “Amazing Grace” with an attribute to “…my old preacher-friend who was a slave ship captain for twenty years…” Not true—but it flashes by so quickly, most viewers won’t catch it.

I like to tell readers The Longing Season is a good primer to the film version of “Amazing Grace.” My book introduces the conflicted young man who becomes one of many powerful voices for humanity decades later. The subjects of slavery and redemption are still weighty and poignant today, and there’s nothing like a good read and an afternoon in a darkened theatre to explore one’s mind and soul.

Click here to see Christine's full review.

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