Saturday, January 27, 2007

A tight timeline for Letter to an Atheist

Regular readers of this blog are aware of the mid course correction my writing has taken. Fort Desperate remains in hiatus, awaiting the final edit, while I focus furiously and exclusively on finishing Letter to an Atheist by February 10.

It will end up being about 150 pages, and the first complete draft is done. The problem with a polemic is to write with an engagingly clever and zingy style. My nemesis, Mr. Harris, has accomplished such a style, so the standard for writing style is quite high.

Readers will pleased to know that my appendix listing of 25 factual errors in Letter to a Christian Nation is complete, and quite zingy.

We've selected a book cover style, got the printer (Print-on-Demand) lined up and ready to go on receipt of the PDF files.

I'll be relying on the members of the Williamson County Public Library Writers Group for last minute editing help, but I feel pretty confident we'll make the February 10 deadline.

Book blurbs present a bit of a timing problem. I'm looking for just three good blurbs, but don't know if I'll have enough time to get the galleys out for review, with time for comments before the final publication. We might see a back jacket with no blurbs. Can you say second edition ?

Working backwards to the March 4 joint book signing with Christine Schaub at Landmark Booksellers in Franklin, I'll need to send out a couple hundred post cards around February 18th, which means they need to be ordered around the 10th. We're also looking at email blasts late February, and Christine's publicist will take the lead on press releases.

Walden Media sent the DVDs of the movie Amazing Grace and some additional materials, and Christine and I have our first "dry run" of our book signing presentation scheduled with a small group of a church on February 9.

One issue remains to be decided, and that's the name we give the book signing event. I had original considered "The Role of Christian Faith in the Abolition of Slavery", but that sounds a little too stuffily historical. And, abolition is really just an example of the role of Christian faith in the political process.

So, dear blog reader, if you have any ideas as to what we should call the book signing event, please leave a comment here with your thoughts.

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