Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Amazon Battle of the Books: Sam Harris Debunkers

Sales rankings at Amazon are notoriously hard to fathom. But for the entertainment of our blog reading audience, I thought I would post the current rankings on Amazon for Sam Harris Letter to a Christian Nation, and the 4 debunkers out in print now:

Sam Harris Letter to a Christian Nation is #144

Doug Wilson's Letter from a Christian Citizen is #16,220

RC Metcalf's Letter to a Christian Nation: Counterpoint is #37,459

My Letter to an Atheist is #83,968

Joel McDurmon's Return of the Village Atheist is # 183,189


Joel McDurmon said...

Thanks for the reference. But, *ahem*, I'm currently #44,106.

And it's "McDurmon" not "McDuron."

Feel free to delete this comment when you're done with it.

God bless,

Michael Patrick Leahy said...


Name corrected !

Good luck with your book ! I look forward to reading it.