Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Behind the scenes at the Creation Museum Grand Opening

Those of you who have followed this blog closely probably know already that as part of our overall plan for wider awareness of my work, we've launched a new online magazine, called Christian Faith and Reason.

We went live with the first edition of the magazine this past Sunday. Our feature story was on the Grand Opening of the Creation Museum, a Young Earth Creationists fantasyland where dinosaurs and humans co-exist. This facility was brought to life with $27 million in funds donated to a group called Answers in Genesis by 9,000 "charter members", three of whom gave $1 million each.

We've received quite a lot of attention for our cover story, which suggests that the Creation Museum, though it features a literal interpretion of the Genesis story, is bad for Christian faith and good for the growth of militant atheism. Can you say "easy target" ?

We also broke a story on the business practices of Answers in Genesis, and their CEO Ken Ham. This latter story has garnered a great deal of attention from Christians and secularists alike.

There's a story behind the story on this one, and we may develop it in greater detail shortly. It's a pretty lively story, but one that will take a fair amount of time to get right, so we may let it simmer for awhile.

As a tantalizing hint, I'll say this:

When we attended the Creation Museum Grand Opening event, we found that it was the Atheists and Muslims who were friendly and kind to us, and our fellow Christians were..... well let's just say they were less so.

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