Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is God Fair ?

A member of Sam Harris' Forum sent me a private message, asking if I thought God was fair.

His Question:

Do you believe that the Christian God is fair? Yes or no please. Back it up if you want. By the way, I believe in God.

My Answer:

My personal belief is that concepts of "fairness in life" are not God's primary concern.

Other Christians may not agree with this.

My sense is that God has set forth his will through the words of Jesus as recorded in the Bible. I view the rest of the Bible as "prequel" and "sequel" to the teachings of Jesus. When the words and actions of Jesus appear to conflict with other parts of the Bible, the words of Jesus are always to be chosen as the best indication of God's will.

As believing Christians, it is our duty to discern God's will, and then, having discerned it, to do our best to fulfill God's will.

I don't believe that God systematically intervenes in this world to make life "fair" for believers and non-believers, though I think there may be instances where he has done so.

This is my personal belief, and I offer no proof to support it, though I think it is not inconsistent with reason, faith, and logic.

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