Thursday, October 18, 2007

Militant Atheist Comment Displays Lack of Critical Thinking

I received the following comment from a militant atheist. Note that it illustrates the lack of critical thinking skills displayed by most believers of that religious philosophy:

New polls show Sam Harris was right about Christian American's belief in a young earth, and Michael Leahy is wrong. Looks like Leahy owes Harris an apology:

If you look at the "poll" you will see that first it is not a statistically valid poll of the type conducted by Gallup or Harris or Zogby. Instead, it's simply a survey of visitors at a Christian portal. No provision to prevent multiple responses from the same person.

Sorting out the details of the response in the article is muddy, but the "results" when understood claim a higher than 18 percent support of Young Earth Creationism.

The apology, dear critic, that is required, is from you to me !

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