Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Book on Abrahamic Small Groups pushes Civil War Novel back

Literary agents often advise writers that the best way to become a published novelistis to first finish the novel !

They are right of course, and I imagine that if I had an agent, he or she might suggest that I should finish writing Fort Desperate, my novel of the Battle of Port Hudson, before I take on another literary project.

And yet, I am not going to follow that advice.

I am being drawn forward by a compelling concept and an enthusiastic co-author into a follow up to my first book, Letter to an Atheist.
Dr. Rashid Ahmad and I are co-authoring Abrahamic Small Groups which will be published by Harpeth River Press in March of 2008.

Subtitled "Ten hours a year in the cause of world peace, that's all we ask !" (with a nod of the hat to talk show host Sean Hannity for inspiration on the phrasing), the book describes the process by which Christian, Jewish, and Muslim families in America can experience true inter-faith engagement. The idea is not to all sit around the campfire holding hands and sing "Kumbayah". Instead, the idea is to gain a true understanding of that which we have in common theologically and familially, as well as that on which we differ.

With 7 million Muslims, 3 million Jews, and 200 million Christians in America, it makes sense that we should try to learn more about getting along with each other, doesn't it ?

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