Sunday, February 17, 2008

The spirt of Abrahamic Small Groups in the unlikeliest of places

Those of you who follow the news regularly may have noticed a disturbing item that originated from nearby Columbia, Tennessee a week ago Saturday.

A small local Muslim mosque was burned down completely in an apparent arson.

The suspects, three local "white power" proponents, obvious candidates for the Darwin Awards, were arrested shortly after the event and can anticipate a slew of Federal and State charges coming their way soon.

The interesting note is the positive, supportive reaction of the community.

Local law enforcement and FBI officials worked quickly and efficiently to round up the suspects.

A local Presbyterian church has offered the use of their facility for use by the Muslim congregation, and the offer has been accepted.

Today, a community wide vigil drew 200 Muslims and Christians for observances. And a fund has been established at a local bank to help rebuild the mosque.

From tragedy comes hope.

You can read more in today's edition of the Columbia Herald.

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