Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They want my vote, but not my opinion

Senator McCain's campaign staff keep calling.

They are eager to secure the signed pledges of support for Senator McCain from all eight of us who were elected as Romney delegates here in Tennessee.

They are less eager to arrange the meeting we've asked for with the Senator to express, in person, some of the comments we've received from Tennesseans who voted for us to represent them at the convention. We also wanted to give Senator McCain some suggestions on steps he could take to bridge that oft mentioned "enthusiasm gap" that exists at the moment among some conservative Republicans.

I suppose it's a bit much for us to ask.

"Face time" with the candidate is highly prized.

We really don't want "face time." We just want to have a conversation, one in which we say something meaningful, something that Senator McCain might find helpful in the securing victory in the fall.

Here's one important thing we might say:

Pick Mitt Romney as your Vice President.

Do it now, and start campaigning as a team against Senator Obama.

Now that's something that might bridge the "enthusiasm gap", don't you think !

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