Friday, June 12, 2009

The Differences Between Don Imus and David Letterman

(1) Imus actually apologized for his inappropriate comments.

(2) Imus comments were off the cuff. Letterman comments were planned and rehearsed.

(3) CBS fired Don Imus.

(4) MSNBC fired Don Imus.

(5) Imus verbally attacked women over 18. Letterman verbally attacked a 14 year old girl.

(6) CBS boss Les Moonves "deeply upset & revulsed" by Imus, silent on Letterman.


ehvogel said...

I gave Les Moonves an an earful in an email. I understand that they had to "suspend" his email due to volume related to Letterman. I think he gets the message, but I doubt if he'll act. After all, he still supports "Perky Katie", the biggest ratings loser in the history of network news!

James King said...

I do not think that Letterman should get away with his comments
about Sarah Palin's daughter. Children should be off limits. Besides I heard that David had an
illegimate child. Is this true? I
have only heard this one time.
Michael keep up the good work.

Smile said...

Letterman v Imus

Imus made random, ignorant, indefensible remarks, not intended to harass a specific person and family.

Letterman intended to harass a specific woman and her family.
This wouldn't be any less abhorrent if he'd used the older daughter's name and directed his comments to her.

The whole act of dehumanizing the members of Gov. Sarah Palin's family is monstrous, regardless of their age!

His ilk needs a refresher on The Golden Rule.

cray said...

sarah palin is a cry-baby. she forced david letterman into an apology which was given, and which she did not accept. forcing him into a second apology, and omg she accepted. the joke friday night was about gays dressing up as sarah palin during gay pride week.... some might see that as a compliment. i'm not gay but some of those guys look pretty good in their costumes... it ain't gonna turn my head though. even though sarah is a cry-baby i think she is beautiful woman... but "get over yourself sarah"..."you're not all that..." sarah is not above these jokes any more than any public figure or celebrity is. stand up comedy is all about satire, sarcasm, and wit. no harm is intended. if you can't stand the heat sarah , then stand away from the fire...because you'll keep getting burnt.