Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fire David Letterman Rally Tuesday in NYC at Ed Sullivan Theater

Please attend the Fire David Letterman Rally.

It will be held this Tuesday, June 16, at 4:30 pm, on the sidewalks outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, located at 1697 Broadway. The rally will begin an hour before David Letterman tapes his Tuesday show.

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate the contact info for the sponsors and affiliates of the late show.

I have contacted my local affiliate and thanked them for not caving in to the bizarre conservative spin and lying, and allowing the people in our market to think for ourselves and make our own choices about what we choose to watch or not watch.

Please contact your local affiliates and thank them for continuing to allow freedom of the airwaves and choice.

Jonathan said...

Why don't you come on Letterman to defend Palin?

Unknown said...

When will the Republicans get a new message besides HATE

arlenearmy said...

Letterman has got to go. Like I said on VF's blog, we should had never let Jamie Fox get away w/the disgusting degrading comments he made about Hannah Montana. And I think Hannah was about 15 yrs. old.

When I look at Letterman, I see him as someone who should not be around young girls.

Anonymous said...

It's about time David Letterman started taking heat for his rude behavior. I stopped watching his show when he had Bill O'Reilly on as a guest. He treated Bill like he was a lower life form. You know even if you don't agree with someone it doesn't give you the right to be rude and unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

I'm VERY curious..... what is your opinion of South Carolina's GOP Mike Green recent comments about Aspirin. Should HE keep his position? He obviously thinks the proliferation of hate is a joke?

Please, I encourage you to spin away in your reply or, simply admit that this was a waste of time and encourage your claimed 45k worth supporters to raise money for something worthwhile like cancer research. 10 bucks each is a 1/2 million. Or how about for abused children. You might even be able to get Dave to participate.

If anyone deserves blame for the comment it's CBS. They have several HOURS to review the show tape and edit inappropriate content.

Anonymous said...

I think you're misguided here. Ms. Palin would be better served by showing what good she is capable of accomplishing instead of putting herself in the "victim" column again.

Ms. Palin's martyrdom is ill-advised: she is a self-proclaimed victim of "double standards" and "main stream media," and of Katie Couric, Tina Fey, Ashley Judd, John McCain's staff....need I go on?

Anonymous said...

I think David Letterman is funny, but I do not think his jokes about Palin and her 18 yr. old daughter were necessarily funny. Though, i do think that people gotta just get over it. Sarah Palin accepted his apology, so why are all these groups trying to boycott and get Letterman fired. There are so many other comedians out there that make brash jokes (sexual or not) all the time, so does that mean we should fire them all too? If that were the case, half of the comedians in the industry would be gone, and there would go the 1/2 the entertainment/movies/shows/etc. (I mean, If these boycott groups feel so strong about issue, make it happen.)

Letterman clearly stated that the comment wasn't directed toward the 14 year old. I do think the jokes were in poor taste, but it's not like he doesn't recognize it. He apologized for crying out loud! People are overreacting. Is it just because Palin is in politics? I don't think measures should be taken as far as to firing him. He is already getting the backlash of his inappropriate comments, so leave him alone already.

Get a life, and focus on something that will really make a difference... something that is a real issue. Not something that is meant for late night TV ENTERTAINMENT! He is not sending a message that it's okay to engage in underage sexual exploitation. It's blown way out of proportion. He was actually mocking against it.

If you're going to attack him, attack the rest of the entertainment industry who also makes crude, insensitive, inappropriate jokes, movies, songs, shows, etc... because I've heard ALOT worse. Palin being a politician shouldn't affect the "level of offense" of Lettermans jokes. I'm a woman, and I took it as just a stupid joke. Offensive, yes. But nevertheless, a stupid brash humored joke.

Most of the jokes on those late night shows are built on being so offensive that you can't help but kinda laugh in disbelief that they'd actually poke at it. So that's what makes it funny. But they poke fun at everyone. No discrimination. Everyone. In this case, it wasn't against the 14 year old. So thats a good thing. LET IT GO PEOPLE!! HE'S NOT THE ROOT OF THE ISSUE THAT'S BEEN GOING ON FOR DECADES!!!

Unknown said...

The follwing are undisputable facts why was there no call for a boycott of Leno or Conan Both Jay Leno and Conan made some similar jabs at Bristol Palin back during the campagin and no one said one word.

On Sept. 2, during the presidential campaign, Leno, for example, told this joke on "The Tonight Show": "Governor Palin announced over the weekend that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five ... Read Moremonths pregnant. And you thought John Edwards was in trouble before! Now he has really done it."

On Oct. 10, O'Brien, then host of "Late Night," quipped: "Sarah Palin is going to drop the first puck at the Philadelphia Flyers hockey game. Then Palin will spend the rest of the game trying to keep the hockey players out of her daughter's penalty box."