Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fire David Letterman -- Sign the Sponsor Boycott Letter

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By subscribing to this list, you are adding your name to a letter that will be sent to CBS and all sponsors of David Letterman's Late Night Show stating that you will not purchase any product sold by a sponsor of his program until CBS fires him!

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The Daily Talker said...

the best and only capitalist way to release Mr. Letterman from his CBS contract is to turn his program OFF! Don't listen or watch him. Do not buy products from his sponsors.

That is the only approved method of correcting CBS programing. Not strong arm tactics of pressuring the network. The only and best strategy is to let the capitalist system work.

If he starting losing viewers and sponsors the network will release or not renew his contract.

Anonymous said...

I will start watching his show more often now to combat this and encourage friends to do so. I'm tired of the PC police on both sides throwing the football at each other and getting rid of good entertainment.

If this truly offends you so much.. Than why do you not boycott the Fox News late night show, Red Eye? The show frequents the dark comic Jim Norton. Why not take a listen to some of his jokes? They make Letterman sound like Bill Cosby.

Anonymous said...

I spent my day calling our local CBS affiliate and as many as their advertisers as I could to tell them that my family, my friends, and I will boycott all of them until they do something about Letterman. In the course of my calls I discovered that federal tax dollars end up in advertising dollars for CBS. This is because Safe Link (owned by Track Phone) is goverment subsidized to give free cell phones to low income folks. Safe Link advertises on CBS but on top of that, it seems they out source their tech jobs to India. So in addition to boycotting CBS, I think we all need to contact or federal reps.

Anonymous said...

Please find a list of David Lettermans sponsors. Let them know you are
disgusted by his sexual assault jokes on certain individuals:
Best Western
Capitol One
Earn My Degree
Embassy Suites
Mars Candy
On The Border Restaurants
True Credit by TransUnion

Anonymous said...

The recent sexual slur against the Palin family only points to the onslaught decent Americans face
everyday that is being commonly accepted in the media.

It is time to push back. And often.

Write , be civil and professional and
tell him that you want Letterman be taken off the air and his
contract not renewed.

Sexual assault jokes on minors is not acceptable.

Pass the word on. Write Les.

Perhaps we can file a petition with the FCC.
Don Imus was taken off air for his off the cuff remarks
regarding a women's basketball team. Letterman's jokes
were written and rehearsed well in adance of airing. They
are premeditated insults on women, the Palins, and

It is time to target them and fight,


SKIP said...

The public must wake up & stop the media mistreatment of Gov. Palin. She has done more GOOD for the U.S. & strengthening capitalism than Obama has for our nation in 6 mo. She was working during David Letterman distasteful comments. I challenge ALL flight attendants to refuse to serve Mr. Letterman (who does not respect women or children) &/or drop pots of hot coffee in his lap next time he flies; for his "slutty flight attendant look" comment. One of Sarah’s major projects, worked on since elected 2 ½ yrs ago, is “Alaska Gas-Line Inducement Act”. Post New York Autism Speaks Event, she strongly promoted AGIA & capitalism in Texas; as ExxonMobile & TransCanada signed agreements to start pipeline w/ 4.5 billion cubic feet DAILY to lower 48; plus provide additional security for country (get us off foreign oil). President Obama handled very little of his actual senate job responsibilities for a year before election & is NOW destroying capitalism, the country & economy. Gov. Palin, while VP candidate, on the other hand; has handled ALL her state responsibilities to include working 2 ½ years on the AGIA deal; dealt w/ the biased & hostile media (check out facts & Media Malpractice film for malicious games played); faced 16 false ethics violations & has been CLEARED of ALL of them thru our court system; increased state's game population; cut # of projects & spending from prior governor's terms; had a special needs child; became a grandmother; managed long time family business; raised a family of 7 & kept a strong marriage through it all; yet SHE keeps looking GOOD thru ALL (which is what so many in the lower 48 hate). She is a strong woman, gaining more respect on a daily basis, and you will have to contend with this in the future. WH Dinner remarks were made while our Gov. was working (not playing as Obama was) & traveling around rural communities experiencing worst flooding in 70 yrs. The media FEARS her & continues to minimize her strong support of capitalism & numerous accomplishments. I’m DETESTED by the likes of Sykes, Letterman & most national media abusing kids in the process; & it's NOT FUNNY!!! STOP the games; families (especially children) are off limits...

zouppie said...

He has never been anything more that a mean-spirited misanthrope, with little regard for his audience or guests. In short he is a perfect fit for CBS Sumner Redstone.

Anonymous said...

David Letterman is so disgusting and has been for a long time. Since Jay Leno is no longer there to watch at night I watched Dave's show a couple of times until his comments about Sarah Palin's 14 year old daughter. What's even worse was the laughter after his so called joke. They all should be ashamed. I'm done with CBS!

Anonymous said...

What really gets my goat is that if a conservative had made such a comment (whether they were a comic or not) they would have already been fired. Look at ED Hill of foxnews. Man, she was out of there for her comment before I knew she was gone. We are always told how bad we are and we are beaten down by being told we are not understanding enough. I hope this is bye bye to David.

Anonymous said...

You won't publish my comment. Coward.

Anonymous said...

ive never liked letterman, i dont think he's funny at all, why he's been on tv so long amazes me, but when i heard the palin jokes (on youtube,i dont watch his show) i thought "what an jerk" i knew right away that he was refering to the 14 year old and you get that visual in your mind and i was very offended by it, it was rude and i think should be considered illegal, i have a child and if someone ever said anything like that about her i would be very upset! now that i know who sponsors this kind of vulgarity i assure you i will stay clear of their products, i will print out the list and not purchase anything they make.we have to show these people that as americans we will keep this country moral and good.