Friday, June 19, 2009

Olive Garden Equivocates on Letterman

Apparently, the Olive Garden Manager of Media Relations is not an authorized spokesman for the company.

That role seems to be reserved for the DIRECTOR of Media Relations.

In any event, that's what Olive Garden wants us to believe now.

Hard to keep track of Olive Garden's definite response to the calls by for advertisers to drop sponsorship of Letterman until he's held fully accountable for his disgraceful statements.

The latest, according to Olive Garden's DIRECTOR of Media Relations appears to be a finely parsed statement along the following lines (I'm using my own words here):

We didn't cancel our ads on Letterman for the rest of 2009. We are merely following our original schedule, which didn't include any planned advertising after June 15, 2009 anyways. We might advertise later in 2009 on his show but we might not. Depends. Sort of. Maybe.

Politico has a great follow up story you can read here.


I just left a message on the voicemail of the Olive Garden Director of Media Relations asking him to contact me and give the exact statement of the company on this issue. I promised him in my message to post his response verbatim at our website, .


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

I really love Sarah Palin. I think it's atrocious all she has endured along with her family. I cannot quite "go there" to demand someone be fired. So, I just cannot find it in my heart to sign the petition. However, I also cannot help that Olive Garden received like ALL THESE HEART BONUS points from me when I saw they were pulling advertisement. Like, the best advertising in the world to me as a client that they would pull their advertisement from Governor Palin on the basis of Letterman's attack. Warm fuzzies. Customer loyalty. Just a real strong positive reaction.

Then, I see they've equivocated. So, now they just did something on the inside of me - where I have to see that they really, really CARE about Governor Palin - OR... I just don't want to go to Olive Garden. I'm not "trying" to boycott them. I don't want to ask for Letterman to be fired.

It's just a natural thing in response now because I so love Sarah Palin and I just will not tolerate ppl speaking like that of her and her family.

(I'll not watch Letterman AGAIN!!)


They have to understand... we love this woman... and it's VERY BAD marketing to be affiliated with Letterman. They should COME ON BOARD at LEAST showing GREAT RESPECT FOR GOVERNOR PALIN!! Her family... and all of us who love her.

Their "brand" is being really HARMED by being affiliated with Letterman - even if I don't have the heart to specifically demand he be fired.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

(I typo'd)... I meant to say that it would mean so much if they pulled advertisement FOR Governor Palin's sake on the basis of Letterman's attack of her daughter.

You know, ALL the resentment that was built up for ALL the attacks that Governor Palin experienced for so long (and her family)... well, it's landing on Letterman.

And it's landing on those sponsors. Their brand is being destroyed.

They spend all that advertising money to create a positive brand image... and what it being generated is an incredibly negative response to them and their products.

I'm not even trying. That's what they need to understand. This may be a "political action" - but it's a REAL MEASURE of all the negative feelings that are "sticking to them" as they stick with Letterman.

Wow. I didn't even know how strongly I felt... but it's a real wave of real boycott feeling... a real grassroots response.

David Letterman looks to me like a very negative figure... and I cannot help that these advertisers are just reflecting that image to me now. I just feel a strong aversion to their companies and products that will determine my buying decisions.

I'm not even "trying" to boycott as a "political statement", I just feel it so strongly. They've really tapped a whole lot of pent up market revulsion.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

What gets me is your speaking out against letterman but not against conan (nbc's new late show guy) back september for his incest remarks he made about palins family too. Its like the pot calling the kettle black for speaking out against one but not the other also.

Rita Diette said...

David Letterman had a lot of nerve making that remark about one of Sarah Palin's daughters.
How would he like it if someone said that about his child?
I give Sarah a lot of credit for accepting Letterman's apology.
If it were me, I don't think I would have accepted his apology that quick, as I would have made him squirm.
His show should be taken off the air. We all love Sarah and her family, as she is one woman that we all can look up too.

Anonymous said...

ALl of you crack me up seriously? Its late night humor he stepped over the line a little bit...if it wasnt Palins child he was talking about would any of this be brought up? Probably not. And boycotting sponsors? Really now? I didnt realise people ate at Olive Garden because they endorse this person and that person, I thought people ate there because they liked the food! The food is the same regardless! He wont get pulled because a few sponsors drop out, because I guarentee everyone who says they are going to boycott this product or that product...probably wont!

He tried to make a joke that offended some people, he apologized, let it be. Some people just cant let stuff go it seems though...

Hank Brock said...

To me, this has nothing to do with Sarah Palin or whatever anyone thinks of her! She is irrelevant! The only thing that is relevant is that Letterman thinks joking about raping 14 year-olds is something to laugh about, and gets paid big bucks for making for such jokes by companies like Olive Garden, Southwest Air, Best Foods, & others! And we that buy their food or services pay him through them! Any decent person who has ever had a 14 year-old daughter, no-matter their political persuasion, would be disgusted at Olive Garden squirming between choosing basic family decency versus the almighty dollar!
If Olive Garden were smart, they'd show what their real character is by firing their inept & equivocating Director or Media Relations because he compounds the disgust already directed at the company. But, maybe Olive Garden does not have such character. Maybe their "family" marketing is just that - marketing hype.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that media has been unfair to Gov. Palin, but that fact doesn't negate the fact that she is an immensely under-qualified, insular, and underinformed woman who has not the intellect to be VP, though rural Alaska is a good fit for her.

Nice lady, but way, way out of her league!

Anonymous said...

Political figures as well as celebrities are fodder for most any form of public humiliation.

Palin is such a great target for comedians, and bugger Olive Garden anyway, its not really Italian food.

If Palin doesn't like the publicity, she can step down.
Fire Palin.

keith said...

I always thought of letterman as haughty and arrogant, he just proved himself to the world. I never watched this guy anyway he's not funny!

samato said...

David Letterman is a comedian and he went over board one night. Give the man a break. Comedians tells jokes. You all took the joke to heart. It was a joke people so get over it and move on. It is all you fools that keeps David Letterman's ratings high. You can't let it go. Now that Olive Garden pulled its ads then more people will tune in. It was a tasteless joke and he apologized. CBS will not fire David Letterman. His ratings are going through the roof and that means money. So keep on keep on, keep Letterman in the news and his ratings will continue to soar. The joke really will be on all you losers for keeping this going on and on and on. A tasteless joke for David Letterman means higher ratings for him. I am sure their was a nasty something that came out of your mouth's one time or another. So all of you perfect people stand up. Just as I thought, nobody is perfect so just get over it and find another cause. IDIOTS

Anonymous said...

Letterman apologized so what more do you want from him? He tells jokes for a living. He is not a politician.

I didn't see any conservatives demand an apology from Rush Limbaugh when he referred to Chelsea Clinton as the White House dog when he had his TV show in 1995. Conservatives claim there is a double standard in mainstream media and yet they practice that same double standard in their exclusive conservative media outlets.

Anonymous said...

My family will never eat Olive Garden again. I will never support a corperation that makes decisions based on complaints of those who are full of ignorance, stupidity, and political agenda. If the CEOs of these companies sat down with most of your supporters in person they would quickly learn not only what caliber of person they are dealing with but that very few are actual consumers of their respective products. Corperations who guide their advertising by political agenda and Palins desperate attempt to keep herself in the media are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Millions have lost respect for David Letterman. Have any of you ever sat in the staff writing room of one of these shows? I have. Each subject matter is followed for weeks and each line and word is prepared for hours before it is said on the air in his monologue. This was premeditated perversion. It is sick that the writing staff and Letterman thought this was funny. I would feel the same disgust if the 'joke" was made about his own child, or Obama's daughters, or anyone else. Letterman will spiral downward in popularity from here, just like what happened with Tom Cruise when he insulted millions. Don't feel sorry for Letterman. He had a good run.

Kincltnc said...

I can't believe you people are making such a big deal about this! Doesn't anyone remember being in Elementary School? You know, "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" It's done it's over! People say things they shouldn't sometimes, we all have done it! Afterall we are only human. Sarah Palin milked this to the hilt for political exposure, so she's using her own daughter to try and gain political clout. Where are all the people crying foul about her ethics? Maybe all the "Rightous" people a pointing finger at David letterman ought to remember that for each finger you point at someone, there are 3 pointing back to you! As for me, I'll keep watching David Letteman, I'll keep eating at Olive Garden and I certainly won't be voting for Sarah Palin!

Anonymous said...

I think that Sarah Palin accepted Letterman's apology just to be away from his slime.

Letterman crosses the line with all conservative guests. He believes it is his perogative and thinks it furthers his agenda of hack politics. Someone feeds him these attack missives, he obviously does not have the brains of a juvenile.

I will not buy any advertiser's products or services that appear on his show. It is more than time for his ouster from public performance.


Anonymous said...

Letterman has a lot to say about other people's children....when really, he should wait until his own is grown (if he's still around). I always say, "Never talk about others' kids, because you never know what your own will do." This guy is so determined to hurt the GOP, he's willing to humiliate their children. He's weird.

Anonymous said...

I called mom today, she always sends olive garden gift cards. told her any thing but olive garden. OMG its late night tv, he's a comedian, he tells jokes! I saw the show, I gathered he was talking about the older daughter.
Just like any thing keep talking about it and there will be a huge ratings boost. Saw a guy buying all the Zycam the other day cause he heard it was being pulled, Thank You, once again to the LIBERAL MEDIA!

Anonymous said...

Can any woman who knows of Letterman's comments accept them without knowing they were done to purposely injure all women.

Look at his prior treatment of his wife, child, and mother on national media. Letterman sadly hates women and it seems children as well.

There is no reason to continue to support his show or its sponsors.


Anonymous said...

It amazes me how the liberals/democrats get away with the crap they say. Oh, it was just a silly joke; I don't think so Dave. You really should be ashamed of yourself. Your poor mother...she seems like a lovely person, but did she actually raise you to be such an idiot. I hope your wife, you know, the one you KNOCKED UP, before you married her, teaches little Harry better manners than what you think you have..hopefully, he won't take after his stupid father. You must be SO ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! Your poor mother, wife and son --- the thought of being associated with YOU, you pig!

Anonymous said...

Once again, a small group of morons have gone overboard. Letterman was inappropriate and apologized. Palin accepted and got more time in the spotlight which is what she loves. Letterman is not evil and Palin is not a hero. It is nothing!!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot stand David Letterman. He is an arrogant hollywood above the law ass. All of these hollywood supporters of Obama (spineless) piece of garbage are all seeing the real jerkoff of promising the world and will not be able to deliver. I pray to God a dud missile land on one of the islands of Hawaii with CNN cameras on his face right after it happens.
If Olive Garden doesn't pull it ads; I will never spend another penny on pasta of theirs.

Anonymous said...

Oh lookie here,we got another group of easily offended wingnuts all fake outraged about something somebody said about the Palin clan,Alaska's proof that Republicans are nothing more than a herd of frigging racist hillbillies.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...
ALl of you crack me up seriously? Its late night humor he stepped over the line a little bit...if it wasnt Palins child he was talking about would any of this be brought up? Probably not.

The comment about ARod's having sex with a minor is the issue. It's in poor taste and should never have been said. NONE of the so-called comedians would even dare to deliver this low of a blow to the "The Savior" Obama's family. In fact, there are NO even harmless jokes directed at "The Golden Boy"'s family. Hmmm.... Objective media, MY FOOT!!!

Sabrine said...

David Letterman is the most dispecable hypocrite, isn't he the one that knocked up his girlfriend while dating her, had a son and then married her, he has the nerve to involve A-Rod, not to mention an innocent 14 years old, shame on him and that crap he didn't know that if was Willow instead of Bristol that is pathetic of him, it doesn't matter which daughter it was, he should've never involve her daughters, pervert!!!
I hope they fire his ass, to me he's no better than a pedofile.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will dismiss this as the uneducated ramblings of another anonymous (and obviously democratic) internet user, but I must say it anyways.

This is the dumbest movement I have seen in recent years. Move on, grow up, who cares. Put down the coolaide and go find a hobby. I hear horticulture is coming back in a big way.

Seriously, don't you have better things to be doing with your time?

P.S. Your website sucks.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of losers. Quit beating a dead horse. There has to be a more productive use of your time. He is a comedian that made a joke that was misinterpreted and he apologized, and most of us with real lives have moved on. I love Letterman. He has given me many hours of laughter through the years, and I love Olive Garden. Sarah Palin is preying on the fears of the elderly with her "Obama Death Panel" lies in order to further her political agenda. Now that is immoral. Hey, maybe I'll try to get everyone to boycott Alaska. Oh wait, I'm not an idiot and I have a real life. Nevermind. Losers.

Anonymous said...

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