Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some kind of something from the fabulous Ms. Vater

This was posted on the blog of Rachel Vater about six hours ago. She's the fabulous young literary agent who received an e-query from me back on November 10.

I’ve caught up on my e-mail queries from October 28 to November 28. If you sent me one during that time and haven’t gotten a response yet, then you either didn’t use the website form (and it’s possible it got buried in my other inbox) or the e-mail you listed didn’t work and bounced back to me, or your SPAM filter stopped it… or I’m holding on to it. I’ve saved 20 out of over 200 e-mail queries to look at more closely, give a personal reply to, forward to another agent here, or request myself.

Having not received a form e-mail back from Ms. Vater yet, I assume that my query is among those 20 to be looked at more closely, or about to receive a personal reply.

Ms. Vater is from Kentucky, and therefore possibly immune to the "Who cares about the Civil War ?" point of view I have ascribed to east coast literary agents. Or, she just might find my writing fabulous.

We'll see if we hear anything further from her.

I am tempted to just send her another email, along with the link to my wiki, where the entire manuscript of Fort Desperate is posted (password protected, of course). But I think I'll just wait and see what she has to say.

I do take a degree of satisfaction in knowing that I finally appear to have made a bit of progress in the agent search process. Hey, and it's taken far less than five and a half months this time !

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