Friday, December 08, 2006

A walking oxymoron

The Williamson County Public Library Writers Group met last night. Every time I go to the library I am impressed and thankful to the architect for the beauty of the building. Thanks to Janice Keck, Executive Director, we are now meeting in the Board Room, which is ever so comfortable. Nice room, nice big leather chairs, very pleasant.

This time, we had six writers in attendance. Four old hands and two newbies. One of the newbies responded to the notice in the local paper the library puts out. Seems like every meeting we get one or two newbies from that source.

This newbie was most interesting. His name is Terry, and I think he may well be a walking oxymoron.

He is an Information Technology professional. He's spent his entire career writing code, and now installing high level software.

Guess what genre he wants to write in ?

Romance novels !

I cannot wait to read his first chapter. Any advice for Terry from romance novelists out there ?

Now, I am really looking forward to hearing his first chapter. Talk about worlds colliding !

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