Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yet another Red River !

Thanks to blog poster Captain Boone for letting me know about yet another book titled Red River. I knew about Lalitha Tademy's upcoming book of that title, but was unfamiliar with P.J. Nagle's 2003 Red River, published by Forge Books.

A brief review of the outline provided me with great relief.

The book is set in the Red River Campaign, but the story is significantly different than mine.

Nagle appears to have blazed the trail to write fiction of lesser known battles of the Civil War west of the Mississippi (hey, that's MY path !) a decade earlier. Fortunately, her trail seems to be much further west than mine, focusing on New Mexico and Galveston, with Red River being her eastern most foray.

This leaves me, of course, with the problem of coming up with a title for the second book of the trilogy. Red River being unavailable, Captain Boone points out that Bailey's Dam may not work well, since Joseph Bailey may not have been a particularly admirable character. In any event, his engineering feat was the single most important event of the campaign.

So, I leave it to you, dear blog reader. Ideas for the title of the second book ?

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Anonymous said...

I don't know that I would exactly vote against the "Bailey's Dam" title. While it's true that Joseph Bailey may have been less than admirable, sometimes - or should that be 'frequently' - the slimier characters make for the most interesting stories.