Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Embarrassingly Crude and Ignorant Meghan McCain

Add Meghan McCain to the list of those whose departure from the Repubulican Party can't come quickly enough.

Besides her father's fame, Ms. McCain has no reason to be part of the public discussion.

Her recent attempts at pretending to be a blogging pundit have demonstrated only her ignorance and profound desire to impress her liberal friends with her constant public use of profanity.

Last night, Miss McCain, through her public tweets while attending the White House Correspondents dinner, used especially crude and profane language to describe the event. In fact, the only words she could use to describe the event were of a profane nature. This of course brings to mind the old saying that constant use of profanity is merely an indication of a person's limited vocabulary and inability to express in detail a coherent and illuminating thought.

Ms. McCain is apparently so proud of her contribution to the coarsening of society she sent out another tweet loudly proclaiming that she is highly ranked on a public website devoted to listing those public and private figures who use profanity most frequently in public.

Such coarse behavior in public appears to be on the rise, regrettably, and Miss McCain appears to be basking in the glow of those in our society who cheer such an unsavory trend.

Such a circumstance would be unpleasant enough to observe if Miss McCain actually had an original idea worth contributing to the public dialogue. Sadly, Miss McCain's apparent thirst for public notoriety appears to be the only driving force in the embarrassment that is her public record. I've been unable to observe one original thought in anything she's written. Every public utterance from her (those that are not crude and profane) appears to be out of the left wing liberal playbook.

Do us all a favor, Miss McCain, and try to improve your public manners.

And after you've done that, please publicly disavow any affiliation with the Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

She is not even a RINO, full fledged liberal. Saw her tweet on IA gay marriage, she was so happy for sodomites.

Wilson said...

"she was so happy for sodomites."

Meghan McCain is crude and ignorant? This quote is why the Republican party will never win another major election. By all means, throw out all the moderates and centrist Republican members, hell you have already lost an entire generation of young voters who don't understand your hatred for gays or minorities. I never thought I would live to see the day the GOP imploded and became the permanent minority party- but that day is just around the corner. Sad, really, we need two strong and "sane" parties to make this nation work.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of young voters in complete support of Republican party. While this article is pretty harsh...there is some truth to it. I saw her first speak on the Daily Show while flipping through channels and it made me sick. I was thinking to myself...if she runs for any kind of office help us favorite comments were her insights on Gay Marriage (yea i support it!)immediately after saying shes a Christian.