Thursday, May 14, 2009

Keith Olbermann Leads Personal Attacks on Me by the Left Wing Smear Merchants

Less than two weeks after I was one of 18 signators on The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition's acceptance of President Obama's invitation "to have a serious discussion" with people in the Tea Party Movement, the left wing smear merchants have begun their personal attacks on me in a predictably vile way.

First came a profanity laced left wing blogger who posted 16 years worth of my personal business and tax records on her blog.

Then today, champion smear monger Keith Olbermann named me "The Worst Person in the World" over runners up Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly.

You can see his personal attack on me here.

Without bothering to contact me to check on the facts, Mr Olbemann stated that "over 16 years , [Mr. Leahy] has had a few judgements filed against him for unpaid taxes, small claim court judgements, and civil suits.... nearly $150,000"

Olbermann concluded "So what's the point in protesting taxes if you're not going to bother to pay them anyways," and proceeded to name me the Worst Person in the World.

If Mr. Olbermann were a real journalist, instead of a left wing propagandist, he could have learned the facts of the situation before he exposed himself to the world, once again, as the conservative hating person he is.

Here are the facts:

The left wing blog smear listed a total of 12 distinct judgements covering the period 1993-2009. The total dollar amount of these judgements were $145,264.

$40,806 was from 7 civil judgements. Of these 7 judgements, 4 have been paid in their entirety.

$19,009 was a judgement filed by the State of California in 1993 in Los Angeles County. In 1993 I had not been a resident of California for 2 years, and earned no income in the state of California. Nor was I ever a resident of Los Angeles County. I was not even aware of this judgement until around 2003, at which time I promptly responded to the State of California that there was no basis for this judgement for the reasons I mentioned above.

$85,449 was for 4 Federal Tax Liens. Of these liens, more than half of the amount listed is for penalty and interest. I have, for the past nine years, engaged in a long dialogue with several different offices of the IRS, all towards the purpose of completing a workable installment agreement. Anyone who has had the pleasure of dealing with the IRS knows that this can be a long process, one that is particularly difficult for individuals and small business people. I am pleased to report that after years of attempting to actually hold such an installment agreement, I indeed have received a commitment from the IRS to have the very first meeting for this purpose within the next 30 days.

The broader question here is this:

What kind of country do we live in if anyone who raises their voices loudly against the socialist-statists who currently run our government and the Mainstream Media is rapidly subjected to vicious attacks in the left wing blogosphere ?

In the fall it was Joe the Plumber.

Earlier this week it was Carrie Prejean.

Today it's me.

Tomorrow will it be you, or any one of the 1 million other Tea Party Protesters who object to the out of control spending our Federal Government is currently subjecting us to ?

So, Mr. Olbermann, here's my challenge to you, if you have the courage to accept it.

I will debate you in person, on either Glenn Beck's program or the O'Reilly Factor on the following topic:

Which is worse for the future of the United States of America ? My tax problems, or the $1.8 Trillion Deficit in President Obama's current budget ?

Oh, and one last thing.

If you are to be consistent in your logic, you ought to nominate me to serve in President Obama's Cabinet. After all, Secretary of the Treasury had tax problems that were worse than mine. He knew the law and knowingly violated it.

I'm not running for public office. I'm not offering myself up to be a member of President Obama's Cabinet. And neither you nor any other left wing smear merchant will intimidate me from exercising my right of free speech as an American citizen.


Randy Haddock said...

This is ridiculous and awesome at the same time! I'd be ecstatic if I was considered "worst person of the world" by none other than Keith Olbermann. I'm sure you're celebrating!

I wrote a little bit about it on my blog:

deadcrow said...

I'm totally behind you!! This sadly typical drive-by media behavior borders on treason. Supporting somebody that is destroying this country, usually by overstepping constitutional boundaries, makes this Mr O, just as responsible for the mess as the big O.

MLWELZ said...

Michael ! I love you and your work... Toughen up and do not be shocked when an old roommate or ex g/f or your mom posts that you did not pick up your dirty socks between July 2005 and Sept.2008.
Like who gives a flying leap.
Your work on the Tax Day Tea Parties and PJTV has been extradinaire.
Michael Savage says that Keith Overbite wets himself under his desk and the area reeks. He is a smarly fark.
Make a list of more of your foibles and print them yourself. IT IS FUN.
I personally have two bankruptcies and a Judgement for breaking a lease and lately old age has brought me to Depends.
So who really cares???? lol
More wise /idiot remarks on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Actually, your issue isn't so much that Olbermann is attacking you, it's that you're a foam-flecked, screaming hard-liner. You have shown no capacity for independent thought or self-analysis. That puts your functional IQ at subhuman levels. I'd recommend a few days out of the public eye so that you can recuperate and examine your unfortunately hollow life.

Betsy said...

When you get too close to the junkyard, the dog is bound to notice. Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Right on Michael. Don't let those morons keep you from using your voice against the statists and mainstream media gang bangs.

daltonsbriefs said...

I will say again here publicly Michael, congratulations on raising the ire of the socialist agenda machine.

geoffludt said...

Let he who is without sin ...

Chris Janc said...

I have to ask: how has your internet traffic picked up since the mention? I seems to me this type of thing does more to promote those it is trying to attack. That said, hang in there and keep fighting!

Unknown said...

No one should hold their breath waiting on Olbermann to accept your challenge, Michael. There's no way he'll allow you to expose just how ignorant he truly is. He and his ilk are all foolish cowards. said...

I am behind you Michael! This is nothing but "control". This is why people don't want to stand up because they are afraid of being "exposed". I am sorry they are trying to "hush" you. I started this Tea Party in my little community because you have lead a good fight. I am still behind you! God Bless

Anonymous said...

So why don't you just go on Keith's show....?

CharlesT said...

You can tell you are doing good by the folks who speak out against you.
I'd say you've done a pretty fair amount of good, my friend. Olbermann is a blowhard of the first rank, hardly anyone pays attention to him anyway.
I'd consider a lawsuit against the folks who posted you personal information, by the way.

ehvogel said...

Michael, you know you're becoming a serious threat when you become a target of the Left. By attacking you, these idiots only enhance your voice. Look at what they did for Rush Limbaugh. His numbers have gone through the roof since Obama called attention to him.

I will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you and resolve to hold steady.

Soldier on!

Anonymous said...

Who is Carrie Prejean?

Anonymous said...

Get a life Leahy, or at least get a clue about how to get a life. Geez.

Anonymous said... about projection. Dude, hate to burst your over-inflated ego balloon, but you're just another cog in the machine. You and your ilk (I love it the wingnuts use that word, ilk, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling), can get your tight little whities in a bunch as much as you want, you'll always remain a fringe group with no coherent message. Socialism? You have no friggin' idea what the word even means douchebag.

Anonymous said...

all these socialist welfare leeches need to be fixed...I suggest the ones Billy ayers was going to use for the capitalists if he gets his way...oh is that shocking ..I am just reversing what Obamas bff said....fair game I say

Kenny said...

Anonymous jusifiably wants to remain so because his vile, intemperate, obscene, hate-filled and moronic rhetoric spewed by him and his left-wing ILK remind us that their brains are the functional equivalent of BBs in a boxcar.