Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Michael Steele Gives an Uninspiring Speech in Kingsport, Tennessee

RNC Chairman Michael Steele gave a speech in Kingsport, Tennessee recently.

Here it is, in all its uninspiring glory.

Mr. Steele advised the gathered Republican faithful to "stop looking backwards," an apparent repetition of earlier themes Mr. Steele has articulated with little success.

The RNC Chair also continued his ill advised attempts to try and co-opt the Tea Party Movement.

“Why do you think they were so outdone by a little thing called a Tea Party?” Steele asked the crowd. “And how disrespectful is it that when the president’s spokesman is asked whether or not the president was following this (series of anti-spending events around the country), he was dismissive. ... They ignored it ... the arrogance of power.”

It's not hard to understand why Eric Odom respectfully suggested that Mr. Steele attend, but not speak at, the April 15 Tax Day Tea Party in Chicago. A lot of us wish Mr. Steele had come to that tea party -- and listened to what's really going on in the heartland of the country.

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