Monday, July 27, 2009

Meme Wars: "Birthers", "Transparency Dodgers", and "Transparency Champions"

Establishment Republicans tremble when the left attacks anyone who questions the facts surrounding Barack Obama's birth certificate by trotting out the "birther" meme.

As commonly used, a "birther" is a right wing nut case who believes that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, is not eligible to be President, and that a vast conspiracy exists to keep this evidence from the public. Orly Taitz and Philip Berg are the most prominent "birthers". Though this group has certainly been industrious in filing lawsuits on this issue, none of the lawsuits have gone anywhere. This is primarily the case because there is absolutely no credible evidence to support the contention that President Obama was born in Kenya. Not a stitch.

This doesn't mean that the President has answered all questions related to the documentation surrounding his birth. And it also doesn't mean that citizens, journalists, and politicians don't have the right to ask those legitimate questions.

There are three groups of people involved in the birth certificate discussion: "birthers", "transparency dodgers", and "transparency champions." Look for the left to start falsely labeling legitimate journalists and "transparency champions" as "birthers" very shortly.

And look for many Establishment Republicans to head for cover, intimidated by the false charges of the left, and making "political calculations" rather than simply seeking the truth.

Investigative journalism, anyone ?

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