Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Religion of the Left and its Creed

The Left can best be understood by conservatives more as a religion than a political movement.

After a lifetime of observing the thoughts and tactics of the Left, I offer this draft summary of "The Creed of the Left". I would appreciate comments on the usefulness of this creed from any and all political perspectives, and will modify it based on suggestions made by readers of this blog.

The Creed of the Left

We believe in the highest truth that man’s destiny is to create heaven on earth in the form of a socially just society, in which “all citizens are granted an unconditional claim upon that society collectively to be accorded the minimum resources necessary for a life of dignity and a genuine sense of belonging”, and where "the needs of the disadvantaged" are given preference over the needs of the advantaged. (Source of quote: Professor Bernard Chazelle)

We believe in the dualistic nature of man, in which all men and women choose to be one or the other-either forces for good or forces for evil.

We believe that a just society is to be formed in the political contest between the good and the evil, and that we who are good will ultimately prevail because we are morally and intellectually superior to the evil.

We believe that the good, because we are good, have a responsibility to use any means necessary to destroy the evil, because a just soiciety can not be created until the evil are either destroyed or converted to the good.

We believe in the sacredness of our planet, Mother Earth, which the evil will attempt to harm by their every action, and that the good must prevent this harm through any means necessary. We believe that global warming is caused by man’s activity that produces too much carbon dioxide, and that any scientific evidence that shows a contrary position must be ignored and ridiculed.

We believe in the perfectability of man through the use of centralized government, which knows best how to accomplish this through the collective political process rather than through the exercise of individual rights .

We believe it is the duty of the good to contribute to the creation of the just society on earth, that it is the inevitable march of history, and that the use of any means to accomplish this end is morally justified.

We believe that heaven is not exclusively a spiritual state to be experienced by the individual after death, but is also the just society to be experienced by those living here on earth in the future, and that by our actions today on earth, we preserve our own claim for posterity to a position of honor in that just society.

We believe that there is no unique excellence within the Constitution and Government of the United States of America, and that the march towards the just society is led by international organizations such as the United Nations.

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