Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Open Letter to Major Stefan Cook: Follow Your Lawful Orders

Dear Major Cook:

I read with great interest the news of your recent lawsuit, in which you argue that as a reservist in the United States Army you are not obligated to follow the lawful orders issued to you by your military commanders to be deployed to Afghanistan.

The news article on this topic is here.

Your attorney argues that since President Obama has not proven he is a natural born citizen he is not authorized to serve as President, and therefore none of his commands as Commander-in-Chief are legitimate.

Your attorney is completely wrong in this assertion, and is putting you in serious jeapordy. For the sake of the country, your personal future, and your family, please withdraw your suit and accept your legitimate orders to deploy.

While I agree that President Obama has not met the burden of proof necessary to prove that he is a natural born citizen, there are two methods to properly make this challenge. Disobedience of a lawful order is not one of those methods.

The first method for such a challenge was available to Congress when it convened in January, 2009 to count the electoral votes cast in the 2008 Presidential Election. Federal law clearly outlines a method for legitimate challenge to the President's eligibility to serve that could have been exercised at that time. Objections to the legitimacy of any electoral vote count from any state could have been voted on by the full joint session of Congress had at any time a single member of the House and a single Senator risen together to request such a vote.

As not a single Congressman or Senator raised such an objection at that time, no vote was taken, and upon the President's swearing in at the Inauguration, every action he took subsequently under the legitimate authority of the Constitution was valid.

This means, Major, that your orders are legitimate.

The second method of challenge is to go through the Federal Court, not for the purpose of challenging the legitimacy of a single act, but rather to challenge that the burden of proof to establish natural born status has not been met by the President.

Several such cases are lumbering through the courts now. While none of them have outstanding prospects for success, they are legitimately brought for consideration. Your case, in contrast, is not legitimately brought, and has no chance for success.

My suggestion to you is as follows: Get a new attorney, drop your case, and accept your orders.


Anonymous said...

His orders have now been revoked.There is a cover up and we as Americans need the truth,would you not agree?

Anonymous said...

The long form birth certificate which is available for people actually born in Hawaii at the supposed time of Obama's birth- is being held from public view or simply does not exist. The issue of natural born live could have and should have been proven long ago. Why is Obama not held to the standards outlined in the Constitution?