Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Huckabee was FOR the Writers Guild before he was AGAINST the Writers Guild

I was hoping to give readers of this blog a break from Mike Huckabee, but the erstwhile Presidential candidate continues to provide material which just cannot be resisted.

He crossed the Writers Guild Association picket lines to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight, the day before the Iowa caucuses.

For a Democratic candidate crossing the picket line would, of course, be worse than original sin, but Huckabee appears to want to be both FOR original sin and AGAINST it.

First, he issued a statement in support of the Writers Guild Association, saying he was on their side, and that everyone should support them and no one should support the producers.

Then, when informed that his appearance tonight would require that he cross picket line of the organization he allegedly supports, his disingenuous response was to say:

"Oh, I thought the late night talk programs had reached a separate deal with the Writers Guild !"

Does he think anyone actually buys this lame excuse ?

Anyone who listens to the news on the broadcast and cable networks, or on any of the popular radio talk programs for more than a minute at a time these days knows that David Letterman cut a separate deal with the writers, but Jay Leno and The Tonight Show did not.

I suppose, as he has so many times before, Huckabee will blame his ignorance/disingenuousness on being misinformed by his staff or by a news report.

Why is a Presidential candidate entangling himself in this dispute ? The free publicity of a Tonight Show appearance must have been a temptation that Huckabee just could not resist. Consequently, he apparently let his desires overwhelm his common sense. If he can't avoid stumbling into this dispute, can you imagine the disputes he would stumble into around the world in a Huckabee Administration ?

Deliver us, O Lord, from any more of this guy's shenanigans !

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