Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Quit, Baby, Quit: My Message to RNC Chairman Michael Steele

The RNC has been disastrously ineffective since Michael Steele took over as Chairman of the RNC.

Now, apparently, the man who insulted Rush Limbaugh, appeared to endorse abortion, and thinks the Democrats aren't socialists is threatening to quit as RNC Chairman tomorrow if conservatives don't play nice with him and adopt his silly "reach out to everyone despite what they may or may not advocate" policies.

My advice to Chairman Steele:

Quit, Baby, Quit.


MLWELZ said...

Michael P.L.,
Republicans said today to be 20%; democratsocialistparty at 53%
My thinking is we will soon be entering into the thrid party zone.
I am cautiously optimistic.
The DSP is always trying to distract our favorite thinkers like Michael Savage, Sarah Palin, you etc.,.
Stay strong, get lot's of restful sleep, and feel my healing prayers for you and the rest.Can one man do PJTV , Tea Parties and hold my interest (lol)? OF COURSE he can. You are doing it.

DailyKenn.com said...

Recommended replacement?

Anonymous said...

Let NOBODY forget--

It has been a very long time since any republican candidate TRIED to get elected based on simple conservative principle... it's been a lot of weaseling, from where I sit.


Question D3 in the Battleground poll reveals, as it does every year, that we are almost 60% conservative in the general opinions of our citizens about themselves, and only about 37% liberal. This is a strength that our side has resolutely refused to tap, or even consider. I suggest Mr. Steele either quickly familiarize himself with solid, sound conservative principle, or else quit...

Big Dave in Dallas

Anonymous said...

The GOP should rename itself the Christianist Party.

The TheoCon members-only club.

Ban secularism! Impose Christian theocracy on the American people!