Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nine Ways Conservative Radicals Can Take Action Today to Restore our Republic

The average conservative citizen has a number of ways to help restore our republic. My suggestion: assess your strengths and weaknesses, determine where you can make the biggest contribution, and focus on a project in one of these nine areas.

Once you've picked a project, follow through. Stick with it until it achieves its objectives.

1. Melt the Phones

(a)Call your United States Senators to tell them you oppose the socialist "Cap and Tax" Legislation the House of Representatives barely passed.

Here's a particularly creative variant on the "melt the phones concept", courtesy of Phil Valentine:

(b) Call your Congressman and Senators to tell them you oppose the Obama-Pelosi-Reid government takeover of our health care system.

2. Evangelize to the Under 30 Generation

(a) Join the Mustard Seed Project
(b) Become certified as a Conservative Radical Evangelist and instructor.

3. Organize Locally (City and County Level) to Stop Higher Taxes

(a) Example: Tucson, Arizona

4. Restore the Constitution

(a) Become active in The Bill of Federalism Project

5. Take Back Congress for Fiscal Conservatism in 2010

(a) Volunteer to work for a local fiscal conservative in the Republican and/or Democrat Primary in your district

(b) Join the organization

6. Boycott Advertisers Who Support Socialist-Statism and Conservative Bashing

(a) Join the Project.

(b) Help develop and implement the plan to

7. Take Over Your Political Party Power Structure

(a) The Republican National Committee
(b) The Democrat National Committee

You can take the first step by signing up at

8. Hold them to their own standards

(a) Blog and tweet about Obama Administration hypocrisy

9. Become a part time Conservative Investigative Journalist

(a) Sign up at The TCOT Report


tenngoat said...

Good stuff! I will be employing any and ALL means necessary to 'turn the tide'. Taking back our country will be no easy task. But when put in the perspective of what the Founding Fathers had to endure, it is the LEAST that we can do to ensure LIBERTY.

If you are interested, you can check out my blog as well. (

Unknown said...

"He who plays with fire gets burned." Please stop pushing for a Con Con. Have you watched "Beware of Article V" video at:


Your motive is noble, but we must remember what James Madison said about a second Con Con:

"Having witnessed the difficulties and dangers experienced by the first Convention, which assembled under every propitious circumstance, I should tremble for the result of a second, meeting in the present temper of America..."

archer said...

i agree re con con. at some point in future, if and when the culture returns to majority moral and sane, perhaps then cleaning out the garbage added over the years would work.

i am also not sure about your number 6, with the exception being advertisers who are clearly agenda driven activists in their sponsoring choices.

charmingtail said...

Wonderful article!

Scott Trudell said...

Support your local bloggers. If the Olympics Epic FAIL by Obama is a "teachable moment", we see first hand how the media is circling the wagons for this guy. The truth can be heard and read on sites like this and others. If you read a blog you enjoy...tell others.

Michael Gallops said...

Michael - great blog but one question. I tried the link you posted in "(b) Become certified as a Conservative Radical Evangelist and instructor." It isn't working - is that going to be up soon or is it old and gone?