Sunday, November 23, 2008

CEO Fellowship a Great New Organization

I went to one of the weekly meetings of the CEO Fellowship on Friday morning. 6:45 is a tad early to meet, but about 400 people showed up at Brentwood Baptist Church (Tennessee) on Concord Road to listen to a great talk by Dave Ramsey.

The mission of the CEO Fellowship is

to encourage and equip CEOs to operate their companies on Christian principles, thus bringing people to Christ and improving the profitability of their companies.

My good friend Genma Holmes (pictured above with co-founder Leonard Isaacs) is on the board, as is my writing friend and "human capital guru" Nancy Reece.

Ramsey opened up his talk with a great line:

I just flew in to the meeting this morning from Detroit on my private Gulfstream Jet.

The place roared with laughter. Ramsey made the point with the joke. CEOs have an obligation--a Biblical stewardship obligation--not to waste the resources of the organizations they run.

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Genmaspeaks said...

It was so good to see you and Deb!!