Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another fabulous blog of a young literary agent

I keep running into these fabulous and interesting blogs of young literary agents. The previously mentioned Miss Snark, of course, is the queen of such blogs, but another pretender to the throne, Rachel Vater is equally helpful while being positively sweet.

Both agents appear to be in their early thirties, and my guess would be they are both as left wing in their political ideologies as I am right wing. So here is this middle aged right wing guy from a red state saying unabashedly that these two blue state assumedly left wingers are positively tremendous.

We'll see how it plays out though.

I sent a query to Ms. Vater, so we will see what the response is.

I can't honestly say that the query was especially fantastic though. Her agency requires you to fill out a form and limits the synopsis to 250 words. I hurried through the editing of the 3 page synopsis I have in my Query Folder to get to 250 words (probably a mistake to hurry it), then sent it off.

We'll see when and if it makes it to the top of Ms. Vater's pile -- and how she responds.

The great thing about these two blogs is they give you the insider's view as to why an agent says no to a query, or why they say yes. Usually it's no, but there really are reasons for the no.

The overwhelming theme of both blogs is your work has to be really good to attract their attention because there are so very many other things competing for their time and attention -- numerous queries, the responsibility to sell their existing clients works, and review the complete manuscripts of queries which cleared the first hurdle.

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