Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Writers Group-- Meeting 3

Tonight was the third meeting of the Williamson County Writers Group. The cast changes each meeting.

We had five folks there tonight.

Wendy Witherow had a great fiction story for young girls.

Jim Eddy had a travelogue adventure.

Anne Rogers had a cycling adventure set in France.

Thank goodness, I was the only one with a Civil War novel. I can't tell you how many local writers groups here in Middle Tennessee have several middle aged men like me writing Civil War novels. None as good as mine, mind you. And all set in Nashville or Franklin, unlike mine, which is set primarily in New Orleans and the surrounding area.

Kathy Treadwell didn't read, but had words of encouragement for all.

It was a good mix tonight.

The over under on next week's attendance ? Hard to say. We had twelve Month 1, four Month 2, and five Month 3.

I am guessing 6.

But we'll see.

The next group meeting is 6 pm December 7th. Pearl Harbor Day. I imagine we have pretty much run through any potential soldier memoirs of that day... The youngest survivor would be about 81 now, right ?

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