Saturday, November 11, 2006

Self inflicted nitwittery

I had an earlier post, which I have subsequently deleted, which showed the synopsis I sent to Ms. Vater, the literary agent.

It's pretty clear the synopsis she requests is a maximum 250 words, not the 600 I submitted.

Self inflicted nitwittery.

On the bright side, it is forward progress. Not in securing representation by Ms. Vater, but in getting better at this finding an agent process.

The 250 words Ms. Vater seeks, though described as a synopsis, is really more of a query letter.

That 250 word, 1 page query letter seems to absolutely be the standard.

I knew that, by the way. That the query letter should be 1 page.

What I missed, though, was really how to right a good query letter. Every one of those 250 words need to excite the interest of the agent. More inviting, conversational, if you will than a synopsis.

So I am going to work on that query letter idea for a bit now.

1 Day, 16 hours and counting since the synopsis e-winged to Ms. Vater's inbox. No response yet.


Zany Mom said...

If your synopsis was well-written (it was, wasn't it?!) I wouldn't sweat it. I was told by a multi-published author that she sends a short query and a 2-3 page synopsis with attitude, no matter what the guidelines say. She claims that if it's good, you have a better chance at getting representation.

I did find that I did get 2 requests for partials and 1 request for full (which were all subsequently rejected and fortunately I now know why and can fix it). All I can say is good thing I didn't query too widely with it.

So stop self-flagellating until she says 'Nope, not for us.'

Michael Patrick Leahy said...

Thanks !

Well, we'll see what kind of response we get.

It was adequately written, but not great. Actually, my current 750 word synopsis and my current 250 word query letter are great.

But, I am thinking that my manuscript-- 2nd draft now -- still needs further polishing, so while I work on that I am holding back on further queries.