Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Wiki Wacky

I am sometimes accused of being fascinated by the possibilities of new technologies.

It's true I'm afraid.

Consider the wiki. As in Wikipedia. It's an editable website.

I have started my own wiki for Fort Desperate, and several editors around the country are using it to help me get to the third draft.

So, as a public service to anyone interested in testing out a wiki for their own writing, just go to WriterWiki and test it out.

One caution, though.

This is a PUBLIC wiki at the moment, just like Wikipedia. You have to know where it is, so anyone can edit in the current version. If there's enough interest, I'll set up privacy controls so only invited editors can look at and edit your work.

Oh, and here's an offer. I'll take a shot at being the first wiki editor if you choose to try WriterWiki.


Tiecen said...

I couldn't sleep and I was just reading blogs and then pushing the "next blog" button at the tops of the pages. A random blog comes up when you push that and yours was one of them. I actually do find Historical Fiction set in antbellum New Orleans interesting. I'm a Sr. in college and I'll be graduating in literature, specifically American Literature. Your blog's right up my ally. Mostly though, I just thought it would be funny to leave a comment on your post that was about how no one reads your blog or comments on it.

Michael Patrick Leahy said...

If you're interested, I will invite you to be a guest editor of the Fort Desperate wiki.

A guest editor must read a chapter and say something helpful.

Even if it is as cutting as one of Miss Snark's stiletto heels, it must be helpful.