Saturday, November 11, 2006

Query letter advice from an expert

A well known writer, with dozens of excellent novels and histories to his credit (also an Irishman) had this to say about the blog of yours truly.

" Your blog is amusing, but it's not the way to get an agent. The way to get one is: Write a very good one page letter that sells you and the book and send it to a dozen agents, ending it with a request to come in for an interview if they're interested."

Great advice. Should have referred to it before I dropped off the e-query to Ms. Vater.

Interesting how the writer in question, who does not know me from Adam, and lives far from here, has taken the time to respond to several of my e-mails for advice. Each time he has been very kind and very helpful.

I compare that generosity to the style of another writer, who lives not five miles from where I sit. This local writer has never responded to the two e-mails I have sent.

It's not as if I'm asking this local writer to come over and share some real tomato ketchup with me.

1 day 18 hours and counting.

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