Monday, November 06, 2006

I'll go MAD I tell you, MAD !

A recent study concluded that 95% of bloggers do it for the mental health benefits.

You see, no one actually visits most blogs. With the exception of the blog of the ubiquitous Miss Snark, which apparently every aspiring bad, mediocre, and good writer in America checks out each morning, most blogs average about 32 cumulative viewers. Since the beginning of time.

The mental health benefit of blogging is it gives the blogger the illusion that there is a community out there in the ether that actually cares what he or she writes or thinks.

With apologies to Robert D. Putnam, we are not Bowling Alone, we are Blogging Alone.

I'll change my tune when I actually see a comment on this blog.


Tiecen said...

I read your blog. I was just flipping through blogs randomly and I found yours. You never know who's gonna read these things.

Michael Patrick Leahy said...

Fascinating !

And thanks for leaving the comment.

You wouldn't happen to be Miss Snark by any chance, would you ? Or a west coast literary agent who happens to love historical fiction of the American South ?

So I am not blogging alone after all ! Wonderful.