Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy 200th Birthday, Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Darwin, and Great-Great Grandpa Andrew Leahy

February 12, 1809.

Three men of great importance to me were born on this day.

Abraham Lincoln was born in a lean to cabin in rural Kentucky.

Charles Darwin was born on an estate in England.

And my great-great grandfather, Andrew Leahy, was born in modest circumstances somewhere in the south of Ireland. I used to think it was County Kerry, but now I think it may have been County Cork or Tipperary.

Well, almost.

The Lincoln and Darwin birthdates are confirmed.

The Andrew Leahy birth date is possible, but uncertain. He was born between February 22, 1808 and February 21, 1809. I like to think it was February 12, 1809.

Senator Patrick Leahy and I are both great-great grandsons of Andrew Leahy.

Given our divergent political philosophies, there's a clever comment to be made here, but it's late and I've used up my clever quips for the day.

Perhaps the regular readers of this blog could offer clever quips in the comments section.

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