Friday, February 20, 2009

RedState and Bloggers Track Bart Gordon's European Vacation

RedState, the nationally recognized conservative online publication, started tracking Bart Gordon's taxpayer funded European vacation yesterday.

The blogosphere seems equally interested in the liberal Democrat Congressman from Tennessee's excellent adventure:

Truman's Take , Voluntarily Conservative , RightyBlogs , Wikio ,Navy Wings , Red County , Green Change , But as for me , Conservative Ramblings , John Scott and The Washington Post are all following Bart Gordon's misadventures around Europe now.

Who's not reporting about Bart Gordon's taxpayer funded European vacation?

Bart Gordon's Office

All local Tennessee media

Bart Gordon's office continues to stonewall questions posed about his whereabouts. Numberous bloggers and constituents have phoned to confirm that he's currently on this European junket, but staffers continue to "neither confirm nor deny."

Geesh ! Sounds like Fifth Ammendment time a bit, doesn't it ?

As for the local Tennessee media, it seems rather odd to me that such an intriguing story -- "Local Congressman takes taxpayer funded junket to Europe, office refuses to confirm or deny his participation" -- has received zero attention.

Any readers of this blog have any ideas what the locals might need to pay attention to such a story ?

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