Tuesday, February 10, 2009

#TCOT Continues to Dominate Twitter Hashtags

A brief review of www.hashtags.org data for February month to date statistics of hashtag usage on Twitter shows that the conservative hashtag #TCOT (used by the Top Conservatives on Twitter community for online dialogues) continues to dominate the Twitter conversation.

For the 10 day period covering February 1 to February 10, the Top 3 hashtags (counting total number of 140 character Twitter updates or "tweets" using that hashtag) are as follows:

1. #TCOT with 16,500

2. #uksnow with 9,500

3. #Superbowl with 8,500

#TCOT is almost twice as often used in identifying a tweet as the second most used hashtag on all of Twitter!

Someone might want to let the folks at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco in on this relevant piece of factual information.

Since about January 22, the #TCOT hashtag has been removed from the top ten "trending topics" lists that shows up on Twitter when you go to http://search.twitter.com

Some have argued that this list only shows percentage change in usage over a one hour or 24 hour period of time, and that explains the absence of #TCOT from the list.


How then, can the failure to include #TCOT from the list on February 6, when #TCOT hashtag usage jumped to 2,402 from the previous day's 1,982? That's a daily increase of 420 !

An analysis of any given day's Twitter "trending list" shows that some hashtags on the list fail to reach 420 TOTAL during the entire day.

I wonder what's going on at Twitter Headquarters, and why #TCOT has been banned from the Twitter "trending list" ?


daltonsbriefs said...

they must have decided that three months of #tcot wasn't a trend! :-) it's a movement now

@FakePrezUSA said...

Perhaps twitter is biased and unwilling to accurately publish true trends.

toro toro said...

Just seen this. Is it possible you don't know what "percentage" means?